Monday, May 6, 2013

iRazoo bot progress

I saw another thread on tbn today that interested me:

This site offers you points for watching videos (which you can do unlimited amounts of times in the US) and these can be redeemed for GCs.  Looking at the thread I saw the poorly coded bot that user made and saw he's actually made some profit with it.  This leads me to believe that if I put any effort into making one I can do just as well as he can.

When I make the bot I'm going to do the following:
  • Use it until I get paid.
  • Sell the payment for bitcoins.
  • Make thread giving away bot for free.
    • Show payment proof.
    • Put referral link to a different account made under a vpn make more money and stop using bot to avoid getting banned.
Like the user that already made his bot, this will be based off the webbrowser and be made in

So how does the video watching work?
  • Click a video from the list.
  • You get redirected to the video page.
  • You have to click the video to play it.
  • Ad pops up.
  • Video plays.
  • Redirects you to video page.
How can I automate this?
  • Grab all types of videos using the html agility pack and xpath
    • xpath: //*[@id="videonav"]//li//a
    • or I can hardcode the links instead and pick them at random.  (a better idea).
  • Pick one of links then visit it.
  • Grab video links using html agility pack and xpath:
    • xpath: //*[@id="ctl00_middleContent_dataListVideos"]/tbody//tr//td//table//tbody//tr[2]//td//a
    • pick random video link and click it.
  • Use autoit class to click video.
  • Wait for class to redirect to video page.
    • Create sub for all of above code and place on webpage loaded event so if the page <> the video selection page it will run.
    • Else if video page it will click the video too play it.
To learn to use html agility pack again I'm just going to look through my old projects (dafont leech).

How can I avoid getting banned with this?
  • Only run max 4-6 hours every day because obviously a bot would run nonstop.
  • I think they'd be able to tell if there was a referrer.  With this bot there would be a referrer and random videos would be selected so this could be avoided easily.
I think that's the only precautions they take to defend against bots.  They might check if you only do videos too but I doubt it.

Now I'm off to coding...
I'm not going to actually post the code cause I'm goin to keep this private but I'm going to updare this every time I finish something new. First I'm going to do the login system.

Ok the login system is done.  Now I'm onto picking a category page.  All (277) of the categories are hardcoded.  You might think, wow that must have taken forever you fag.  No, it actually took two seconds after I grabbed them and output them in the array format using this:
$('#videonav li a').each(function() {
var link = $(this).attr('href');
if (link != undefined || link != null) {
console.log("\"" + link + "\", _" );

Basically the same code as the script but with a few minor mods.

Useful links for modding visual studio:

Note that when you search for a link you need to use the entire to compare.

Okay picking category page is done now onto grabbing all the video links per page.  I need to write a loop to pick a new category page if there's no videos on it.

Html agility pack:

Xpath for grabbing videos: //*[@id='ctl00_middleContent_dataListVideos']//a

Useful links for figuring out how to send clicks to a non-active form:

Now I'm in the debugging stage and are recording it running using camtasia.  So next step after I make some gcs off this (or get banned) I'll be release it to tbn.

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